The Sky of Your Days was published in May 2020 in Spain

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Filtren years after the horrifying murder of Alicia López, a lock of her hair appears in the family mailbox. The presumed murderer of the young woman is still serving a sentence in prison and maintains his innocence; this is the reason why the case is reopened. The Chief Inspector of the Police Department, impulsive and self-confident, takes up the reins of investigations; he hides a murky past, and having maintained a relationship with the victim does not prevent him from immersing himself in this amazing plot, alternating the narrative voice with that of Inspector Natalia Herreros. Efficient and methodical in her Police performance, she feels suffocated by the routine of her personal life, and trapped by her feelings towards her boss, she decides to leave the city for a while. They form a great team, and they lure the reader into a vertiginous spiral of doubts, lies and violence. Disturbing anonymous emails outline the last months of the victim’s life, and they give the case an unexpected turn. A dynamic and elegant thriller, set between a frantic Madrid and languid Bilbao, combines the fast rhythm of a crime novel with the psychological depht of convincing contemporary and attractive characters. All this results in a disturbing and unexpected ending that will thrill the reader.

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Greta Alonso is the pseudonym of an author born in the 1980ies near the Bay of Biscay. She works in the area related to her education in engineering, an activity she has carried out in different fields and companies of the sector. She has written tales, short novels and short stories. At present, she lives in the north of Spain and combines her professional obligations with her passion for the cinema, writing and sport. El cielo de tus dias / The Sky of Your Days is her first novel.